• Date: May 05, 2017
  • Venue: Yamaha Hall
  • Location Tokyo, Japan
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Yamaha Hall Performance

Yamaha Hall has been popular as a representative of Ginza for more than half a century, has been reborn as “the best concert hall for acoustic instruments”. By introducing all the Yamaha sound and music technologies and know-how, we realize the rich reverberation characteristics that the instrument’s sound is most beautiful and clearly resonates. Even pianissimo stands out the original sound of the instrument. The design that eliminates the boundary between the stage and the auditorium as much as possible creates a sense of unity between the performer and the listener and makes the music more familiar.

Also on the interior side many wood of high grade used in instruments is used. The acoustic diagonal lattice wood panel that cherishes the texture of the wood overlaps the image of the exterior of the Ginza Yamaha building, and it has a symbolic space full of sound and music, as if inside a musical instrument called a hall It is getting.

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