Snappy Too – James Morrison

Remember the old Maxell commercial where the guy in leather jacket, scarf and shades clutches to his easy chair as he sits inches from his stereo while his hair and scarf are blown back by the rush of air being forced through the speakers? Get ready for the same intense rush when you listen to James Morrison’s new big band CD, Snappy Too. The album contains exciting arrangements, tight section work and superb solos; all recorded in state-of-the-art sound. In short, it’s everything you’d expect from a 17-piece big band. But while there are 17 pieces, there are only 2 musicians: Jeff Hamilton plays the drums, and James Morrison plays everything else—5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, guitar and bass. Plus, he composed 6 of the tunes, and arranged 10 of the tracks. Clearly, this man is way too talented.

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