• Release Date: February 21, 2012
  • Catalog No: B006I01KZA
  • Label: Capri
  • Type: Jeff Hamilton Trio
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Red Sparkle

The 10 year collaboration of the Jeff Hamilton Trio continues with Red Sparkle. The recording showcases classics Laura and A Sleepin’ Bee as well as the pop hit On and On, Monk’s Bye Ya and the Johnny Mercer standard Too Marvelous for Words. I Know You Oh So Well was penned by the great Ray Brown and features beautiful bowing by bassist Luty. The four original compositions by members of the Trio include Ain’t That A Peach, the perfect upbeat opener by Hamilton; Hat’s Dance, a rhythmic collaboration for Hamilton’s drums and Hendleman’s piano; Red Sparkle, Hamilton’s up-tempo showcase for the trio named for the look of his first drum set; and Luty’s contribution, In An Ellingtone. (From Amazon)

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